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Blank Big Earrings

Material925 silver



Keep your precious memories in Barbara Tartaglia's "Empty Space" Earrings.

Explore the power of empty space with these striking earrings, which celebrate the importance of a place where you can tell a story, treasure a memory and preserve a moment. These jewels represent empty space as a personal sanctuary, a silent refuge in which one can immerse oneself without guilt, allowing reflection and rebirth.

In the empty space, we find the freedom to express ourselves and to create. It's a place where the possibilities are endless, where new stories can unfold and memories can find a safe place. It is an opportunity to catch your breath, to regenerate and to learn from past experiences.

Wearing these earrings, you connect with the depth and strength of the void, recognizing that it is from this very space that we can always start over and learn. They are a tangible reminder that silence and inner calm can be a source of inspiration and personal growth.

Whether you want to preserve a precious moment or want to find a refreshing break, these earrings accompany you on this journey of discovery and rebirth. Be open to the power of empty space and let it guide you to new beginnings and greater self-awareness.

Do you want a unique and personalized jewel? Maybe through an engraving or a setting?

We offer you the possibility to create a bespoke piece just for you.

Contact us on Whatsapp, we will be happy to create a jewel that reflects your needs.

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Blank Big Earrings


Frequent questions

How can I personalize the jewel?

BMAD JEWELS offers you the possibility to make your jewel unique through customization. If you want to engrave a word or set some precious stones, you can contact us on Whatsapp. We will be happy to accommodate your requests.

Can I make it in GOLD?

We offer jewels in the three most famous basic metals: 925 Silver, Brass and Bronze. If you want to make a gold jewel, feel free to write us on Whatsapp for a quote!

How can I pay?

Bmad Jewels offers different payment solutions for your jewels. Currently you can pay by card, PayPal and bank transfer.


Jewel production

Each jewel requires the time and attention necessary to be made according to high standards of craftsmanship. The manufacturing process is handmade, we are proud to offer you a quality product which takes approximately 14 days to complete. This period ensures that every detail is taken care of with the utmost precision and that the final result is a unique jewel of exceptional value.

Shipping throughout Italy

With our delivery service, your jewels will arrive comfortably at your home in just 2-4 working days. You can monitor the journey of your package in real time and enjoy the peace of mind of safe and punctual delivery.

Order Assistance 24/7

Need to know the status of your order? You can easily write to us through Whatsapp, we will be happy to assist you!



100% Handmade

Our jewels are the result of Barbara Tartaglia's timeless craftsmanship. Handmade with care and skill according to the ancient Neapolitan goldsmith techniques, each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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100% Handmade Jewels following the ancient Neapolitan goldsmith techniques.


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